Simple LinkedIn Hack Anyone Can Do

LinkedIn is a hotbed for potential customers, partners and journalists that are more than happy to learn more about your startup.

Most of your connections on LinkedIn are your former colleagues and other professionals from your industry therefore it’s very easy to send these contacts messages but that’s sometimes seen too intrusive even among friends.

Not many people know they can export the email addresses of their LinkedIn Connections. You’re literally one button away from a goldmine of hot leads from your existing social network!

Here’s how to do it:

    • Login to your LinkedIn profile.
    • On the right side, click the Export LinkedIn Connections as shown below:

 photo Export LinkedIn Connections Growth Hack.png

You’ll then be prompted to download a CSV file.

Viola! You’re now ready to upload this list of email addresses to Facebook and create a Custom Audience. You can learn how to create a Custom Audience on Facebook here.

I highly suggest for you to segment this list based on your business need. You’ll also need to remember that not everyone uses the same email address on Facebook and LinkedIn so this trick might not always work. Lastly, remember to exclude email addresses of LinkedIn Connections that don’t match your ideal target audience.

BONUS: Using the same Custom Audience, you can then create a Lookalike Audience to reach similar audience within the Facebook network. You can learn how to create a Lookalike Audience on Facebook here.

HOT TIP: Avoid sending unsolicited emails to your LinkedIn contacts. If you want your LinkedIn Connections to opt-in to your mailing list, I recommend sending them a personal message and inviting them to subscribe. Don’t be a creep and spam your professional connections!