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  • Chief Marketing Officer, Catalyst Case
  • Content Creator
    • Podcaster, Tech in Asia
    • Podcaster, Podcast Network Asia - "Under the Influence"
    • Livestreamer, Kumu
    • Educational Creator, TikTok
  • Startup Mentor, QBO Innovation Hub
  • Founder, Space Belly Cloud Kitchen

I have a proven track record in user acquisition, business development, community management, content creation and audience retention to cater to regional market across Asia.
I have previously served as Venture Director of Kho Capital, CEO of Space Belly, CEO of SnippetMedia, Managing Partner of XS Group and Marketing Director of WeThePvblic.
I have previously worked for Lazada, Paktor (17Live), Duriana (Carousell), GuavaPass (ClassPass), HappyFresh, DateTix and have serviced several tech startups such as Twizo, CatchThatBus, KayaCredit, Salarium & FastJobs.
Introduction for Speaking Engagements
Christopher Star is an experienced, hands-on strategist with proven track record in regional digital marketing for over a dozen tech startups across Southeast Asia. He helps startups launch, acquire new users and expand in new markets. Follow him on social media: @chrstphrstr


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