Key Digital Trends for 2017

Southeast Asia is shifting to mobile in a rapid speed without a doubt. What does that mean?

The change in the digital landscape forces us all to rethink our strategies & tactics. With mobile devices in the pockets of consumers, they’re not only always connected and also always informed but they’re now more accessible and identifiable. While we can’t predict the future, we can see patterns and track trends. The consumer journey is now clearer to be composed of several real-time, intent-driven micro-moments.

So here’s my M.I.C.R.O. prediction for key digital trends to go big in 2017:

Micro-Influencers – The key to a successful influencer campaign for 2017 is to amplify authenticity and not simply buy it. It’s time to stop using celebrities and bloggers all the time and instead get posts from 25 or more micro-influencers which will not only cut your cost but also increases your result.

Instant Messaging – IM killed SMS a long time ago and it’s about to kill the browser too. You no longer need to exit your IM app to view a video or even to post a selfie. Slowly, you are transacting all sorts of things through IM from booking a flight to managing your finances which brings us to the next big thing.

Chatbots – Expect for chatbots to explode this 2017. There are even startups that are purely in chatbot scene and skipping the development of apps. With the IM apps transforming into platforms, chatbots are not only replacing customer service agents but a whole new ecosystem designed for mobile.

Real-Time – Live stream is going mainstream. With your smartphone being with you all the time, it’s no surprise that you no longer just want to share what you ate for lunch but you want everyone to join you.

On-Demand – Everything is just a click away now from taxi, grocery, massage to a whole bunch of other services and it will continue to spread in multiple verticals this year.

In a nutshell, 2017 is all about micro-moments made through mobile. What are your own predictions? Message me on LinkedIn!