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Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Christopher Star and I’m an entrepreneur, speaker, growth hacker & marketing consultant for tech startups in Southeast Asia & beyond.

I’m the former VP of Regional Digital Marketing at Paktor, former Head of Marketing at Duriana, former Director of Growth & Marketing at GuavaPass, former Group Online Marketing at HappyFresh and former VP of Marketing at DateTix. I’ve also worked with other startups such as Lazada, a Rocket Internet company.

I have an extensive experience in user acquisition, strategic partnerships, brand building, community management, content creation, influencer marketing, audience retention, public relations, and event activations tailored for regional markets across Southeast Asia.

Now, I help startups turn clicks to customers and I specialize in rapid user acquisition for e-commerce companies, social apps & content platforms both on web and mobile.

Here are some of my current and previous consultancy clients:

From creating ad campaigns myself to managing regional team members remotely, from spending a $1 per day to managing six-figure advertising budgets, from launching a new product to expanding across multiple markets, I’ve pretty much done it all.

If your startup needs help, let’s talk!